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05-30-2011, 10:01 AM
So I keep watching the price of the Head YT Speed Pro (Current racket I use) drop and say im going to grab myself another 1 or 2 while i can.

I DO like this racket, enough to play on it for 2 years so far, but as my game has also changed in those 2 years, it makes me wonder if there is a different racket that could fit the way my game evolves (i play about 50/50 singles and doubles, Semi-western FH, slice a lot on BH, and serve like my groundstrokes lots of spin)

Would it be best since the 2 years my game developed to continue with the racket that works well for me(while my body is still young and can handle the stiffness of the Speed) or begin looking if there is another one out there that might fit my game.

Obviously im going to demo a few and see what feels right but wondered if anyone else was in this situation and what worked/didn't work for them.


Dave M
05-30-2011, 10:56 AM
How has your game changed?Does this still "fit your game" are there mistakes that could only be the frames fault? (and not string or operator error?) The idea that you have to use a certain frame for certain styles is for most club players nonsense, I can quite happily serve and volley with the old donnay pro one O/S don't get too caught up in the hype read on here, it'll cost a fortune!

05-30-2011, 11:53 AM
GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is indeed a terrible condition.

I guess its not so much how it changed but more or less how it developed, If i use proper form ANY racket works.

I guess your right, avoid the hype and save the money. This sport is expensive enough as it is.

05-30-2011, 12:55 PM
You like it, stick with it. Don't let "new technology" make you spend any more money. It's just going to be a $200 paintjob.