View Full Version : Need help choosing a racquet

06-02-2011, 03:09 PM
Hey everyone! I am new to the forums and thought it'd be a good idea to join so I could ask questions such as this! I am looking into a new racket and have not purchased one in a long time... (playing a prince pro ;) ) so I do like more of a control racket and I play a 2 handed backhand. My serves probably my strong point so ya looking for something better with control for up close.

I'm 6'3" so don't need a power racket cause my long arms generate enough power themselves.

I was looking at the prince exo3 and head youtek speed currently

06-02-2011, 03:35 PM
You have dozens of good choices, just anything that is a top of the line player's racket from any one of the companies.
Pick a company you want to back, head towards a 12 oz flexible mid 90's sized stick, and you can concentrate on your game.

06-02-2011, 03:42 PM
The head youtek speed pro is good, as it is very control oriented.
LM Radical could do you some good too.
They're both on sale, so check it out.

06-02-2011, 04:12 PM
+1 the LM Radical. It's such a versatile frame. And for $10 more, I suggest you upgrade to the Microgel version.