View Full Version : Prince EXO3 Original 105 For Sale

06-05-2011, 05:04 AM
Condition: 9/10 - minor scratches on head guard only

Grips Size: 4-1/2 (4)

Grip: Prince Resipro, slightly worn

Strings: Mains - Polystar Energy (52)
ll__.___: Crosses - Gosen OG-Micro Sheep (57)

Price: $105 shipped (CONUS)

NOTE: This racquet has approximately 12-hours of actual use. The previous owner has an outstanding debt to me (tennis lessons + restring) and has opted to relinquish the rights to his racquet in exchange for what he owes. It's a heck of a deal considering the cost of purchasing a new one.

Contact me at string_tension@live.com