View Full Version : Prince Warrior, MP or Oversize?

Golden Retriever
04-25-2004, 07:50 AM
I have a 2handed backhand, should I pick the oversize which is 1/2inch longer? Usually I'd prefer the MP because oversize feels too cumbersome but according to the TW review, the Prince Warrior Oversize is very maneuverable. Any suggestions pls?

04-25-2004, 08:09 AM
I just purchased a Warrior OS after demoing both the MP and the OS. I really like the depth and spin I can get w/ the OS and found it very maneuverable (of course I'm coming from a POG OS). Given my one-handed backhand, I actually ended up dropping the length by 1/4" to 27-1/4" and added 1/2 oz in the handle and 1/4 oz total at 9 & 3. It brought the static weight up to just under 12 oz, but maintained its maueverability.

This is also a great serving stick, which is generally the achilles heel of OS racquets, and felt more stable than the MP. If you have a 2-handed backhand, I wouldn't hesitate w/ the OS.

04-30-2004, 04:19 PM
If you want to try a 27-1/4" version, email me at either bhuddle@LNC.com or The4huds@aol.com. I'll sell you my new one for $35 (includes shipping).