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06-14-2011, 08:46 AM
Ive got a bunch of older Tennis Racquets Id like to sell. I would prefer to sell a few at a time instead of individually since shipping is a hassle. Pictures of individual racquets available upon request.

Condition is estimated based on scratches present on the headguard. 7/10 = graphite visible through paint, 8/10 = scratched headguard but no damage to frame, 9/10 = very little scratches on headguard. Grips that are estimated (no markings present) have an E at the end.

I accept Paypal payment only. Unless you are local then we can arrange pickup (London ON, Canada)

Please see my other topic for a few newer frames I have available.


Dunlop Black Max (x2, one has green residue from over grip)(+one case) - 7/10, 4 1/2E

Fox Bosworth Signature Series Ceramic Precision WB-210 (+case) - 9/10, 4-1/2

Head Flash Edge (+case) 7/10, 4 3/8E

Head AMF LC (Made in USA), 7/10, 4 3/8E

AMF Pro Maark 6.5/10, 4 3/8E


Prince spectrum comp series 90 - 7/10, 4 3/8E

Pro Kennex Black Ace Micro (+case) - 8/10, 4 1/2E

Pro Kennex Silver Ace 7/10, 4 1/4E

Puma X-Tra Power Super PCS (+case) - 8.5/10, 4 1/2E

Yonex RX-36 - 7.5/10, 4 3/8E

Yonex Rexplay 1 R-1 Mid-size (+case) - 9/10, 4-3/8E


Wilson T2000 - 8/10, 4 1/2E

Wilson Sting 2 - 7/10, 4 3/8E

Wilson Pro Select - 9/10, 4 3/8

Wilson Chris Evert Graphite Midsize 8/10 (+case), 4-1/4

Please contact me with questions / offers. pchorostecki (at) rogers.com

peter becker
07-12-2012, 01:57 AM
is the Fox still for sale?