View Full Version : Wilson K Six.One Tour 4 3/8 For Trade - Seeking BLX Six.One 95 18x20

07-03-2011, 11:49 AM
Looking to trade a Wilson K Six.One Tour (4 3/8 grip) with about 8-10 hours of court time on it, strung with 17-gauge K-gut (old string job) and is prob 7 of 10 with just some standard paint scuffs toward top of frame. Used an overgrip when playing so the original leather grip is still in very good structural shape, if a bit faded. Photos available upon request at aneiro@hotmail.com

In exchange I'm looking for a similarly gently used BLX Six.One 95 18x20 (also 4 3/8 grip). I'll keep this post up for a while and if no takers then I'll consider selling the 6.1 instead of trading.