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07-01-2005, 06:40 PM
I just switched from the Tour 90 to the NCode......Here are my opinions thus far, just two weeks into the switch...

I weighed them strung with a Wilson White overgrip and a dampner.

Tour 90's=12.9oz...each of my old ones have some lead on the butt cap.
NCodes = 13.1 oz...Wow I was suprised at this!!! I think, I don't know, but the Ncodes must be more head light. They don't feel any lighter.

The Wilson NCode dampner weighs .2 oz by itself. The little Head one I have won't even register on the scale.

The comments about the NCode being more muted I concur with. I just loved the pop sound I got with the Tour 90. It was like instant feed back in my hands and ears at impact. The NCode doesn't do this as much. There is still a pop but it is much much quieter.

I use PSG/duraflex at 58lbs and string myself. To me, this is somewhat of a stiff string. I like the pop sound it makes. In the NCodes, one is strung with the duraflex the other is a polyester hybrind with nxt on the crosses and poly mains. I can't remember the name of the poly. The poly racket feels way way different than the duraflex. I like the duraflex better, however the duraflex is already beat up and the poly still looks new.

I was skeptical about the NCode nanotechnology mumbo jumbo. But, I do know for a fact that there is something different about the new NCode frame. Maybe it is more flexible, I am not sure exactly what, but there is a big difference in the feel of these rackets. It is my opinion that the NCode is not quite as stable on off center hits.. Maybe it is me...But, I do know that I have plent of off center hits so I should know.....

As far as shot value, at this point I don't think I can tell a difference in quality yet. The hybrid is very different as it is springy in the sweet spot and I hate this. I like a crisp pop. But, the biggest thing yet is my arm pain is getting less and less as the days go by.....Really no kidding. I have had several big hitting sessions with no pain............This is a huge relief to me...

Just thought I would add my opinion just in case there was someone else that may be wanting to switch.....


07-01-2005, 07:42 PM
I concur that the NCode is slightly flexier and easier on the arm... but if you are having arm problems with the tour 90 consider the misshits, string and tension.