View Full Version : I have a reel of alu rough and some gut help

07-14-2011, 07:06 PM
So the other day i recieved my order of a mini reel of alu rough and i also got a half set of some cheap gut to try out the hybrid.

Heres my delima, i fell in love with the alu rough/ nat gut hybrid (i strung at 51 alu/55 gut) but the nat gut was a pain in the *** for me to string not to mention expensive (i string my own racquets). After the day of hitting with this hybrid i put in a full bed of alu rough to try and i absolutly hate it ( i strung it at 51/51) its powerless, im having to put a little much effort into getting the ball deep, expecially on my onehand backhand side.

So to sum up, nat/alu rough = heaven but guts too frail and expensive. Alu rough full bed is dead to me not enough power. I hit with alot of heavy topspin and when i was playing with gut i got that same top spin plus more pentration when i wanted to flatten it out.

So what are my options? Im thinking of trying a multi in place of the nat gut. Ive tried alot of strings mostly polys in full beds i think my favorite is Volk Cyclone but recently i realy like the Lux savage.