View Full Version : Dunlop AG 4D200 Team (16x19) ?

07-20-2011, 04:07 PM
Hi there,

I would really appreciate it if anyone could provide a review of this frame.
I know there are are bits and pieces of info on it on the board, but I'm really looking forward to input by people who may have been packing it. I am particulary interested in levels of stability, plow through, and flex.

I'm coming from a Radical Tour 630 (first incarnation, bumblebee I guess, has "Agassi" exploding graphic all over the very finely woven cover - which was part of the appeal whan I was 15.) This feels too heavy at 360g strung with OG - and sometimes boardy too - these days, although certainly it is great for my serve (I have come back after a period of 10+ years off). Of course, if you hit it you hit it.

Anyways, although I am more of an SV/all court player, I do think that an open pattern (for more feel), lighter racquet is what I require these days since I feel the need for more maneouvrability at the base line.

Any feedback, I am grateful.