View Full Version : Soft heel counters

07-21-2011, 03:01 AM
I'm on my last pair of Barricade V's and I noticed that it's very easy to push the heel counter (the part at the back of the shoe which cups your heel) down with your hand.

Is this normal? Only, I was under the impression the heel counter ought to be stiff and firm to support your heel as it strikes the ground, and hold it central. On my walking/running shoes you can't push it down like on my tennis shoes. Is this something particular to tennis shoes? I'm just wondering why this would be?

Thinking of moving to the Barricade 6's after these are shot, do they also have a soft heel counter?


07-25-2011, 04:57 AM
Can anyone tell me if theirs is also like this?

07-30-2011, 05:22 AM
I checked out the Barricade 6 today, it has a firmer heel counter, unlike the V. But it was too narrow so I didn't like it. Still wondering if anyone who still has a pair of V's can tell me if theirs is like this. Might mean mine are ready for replacement!

Or must my thread die =(