View Full Version : Anyone try toe socks?

Tommy Haas
04-26-2004, 08:27 AM
* deleted *

04-26-2004, 08:28 AM
I don't know if they helpp to prevent blisters but I do know that people will laugh when you take off your shoes.

Frodo Baggins
04-27-2004, 10:13 AM
I wear Toe socks:There the coolest thing out there.If your gonna wear them Try the rainbow toesocks there cool. 8) plus there feel cooler on your feet 8)

Kevin T
04-27-2004, 11:55 AM
Used them for trail running and really like them, though they are expensive. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, they do help prevent blisters (for me, at least) and 2. They do require a little more shoe room, so your current shoes may feel a little tighter.