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07-05-2005, 03:19 AM
Ok so I have demoed eight racquets now in my quest to get away form the 28.5 Thunderbolt of six years...a 4.5 all court player...
Most aren't worth mentioning (no offfense if you use them) Prince NXG, Aero Tour, Liquimetal 2, 200G, all highly unimpressed...
This time I got a Fischer Pro #1 (unimpressive) and Kennex Heritage SX (same).
I also got the two above...here are my thoughts...
Like the AeroPro Drive Plus right away...groundstrokes nice, serve (good but need more time), return (good but also need more time). The thing I noticed is playing doubles and volleying it seemed a bit cumbersome...not bad but not great...
The Shark, less impressed with groundies, serve ok, return ok, volleys seem very sharp...
I am assuming TW demos are strung right in middle of the recommended...so that may make some difference...
Overall they are both decent racquets, but I am not sure yet. Anyone know where I may pick up a used one...just can't get into spending about $180 on a racquet...
What do you folks think? AeroPro Plus -vs- Shark LB MP?
Any you think are better choices...?

07-05-2005, 05:17 AM

sorry to hear the search hasn't been successful, yet. I sympathise completely as I've yet to find the racquet to replace my old Prince Precision Mono. Very, very frustrating (and Ive been looking for the last 6 months).

I can't remember if you stated a preference for any particular brand (apart from Prince) but was wondering if you'd had a look at the Yonex MP Tour-1 XF. 27.5 inch length, 65 stiffness rating, 98 sq, 11.3oz ,5pts Head Light, Swingweight: 329 and 16x19 string pattern. If you aren't averse to Yonex then it might be worth a try. Looks to match your requirements quite well, as I remember them.

Im not a big fan of the AeroPro plus or standard. Nothing wrong with them but I just didn't like the feel. Same with the Shark. Seemed to unwieldy to me and I just couldn't get comfortable.

Have you tried the, discontinued but still available, Wilson ProStaff Surge X 5.1? Is touted as an alternative to both the PureDrive plus and Shark long so might be worth a look. Also considerably cheaper than either and available for about $80 in the States.

07-05-2005, 06:28 AM
The trend here is clear.

1) You hate player's racquets. That's okay. Heavy and low-powered doesn't suit everyone's game.

2) Tweeners are an improvement, as you get lighter, longer, and more powerful -- which, not coincidentally moves you toward what you're already playing with.

3) ???

Next step would seem to be to try some racquets somewhere further toward the "game improvement" side of things. Not full-on snowshoes, just lighter, bigger, stiffer, more powerful racquets. I hate these. Most people here will damn them with vile curses. But so what? Play with what works for you. Demo something like the Wilson n4, or the head LM6, or one of the six-series Volkls. Something that's like a tweener between the tweeners and the granny sticks.

If those are an improvement for you, try a few full-blown granny sticks. Think what you like about your current racquet, then investigate what on the current market gives you those factors.

07-05-2005, 06:42 AM

I have only tried the Aeroprodrives in the class of rkts you are demoing, unless you are committed to a 27.5 inch rkt, try the APD standard, serves will be a little less but not much and the problem of manueverability will be solved.

07-05-2005, 07:41 AM
Good to hear back from you Andrew as you have been the most helpful...sorry to hear you are heving the same problem.
I have no loyalty to any manufacturer...it just so happens that I have used Princes for about 20 years lol. They do tend to feel more comortable, but also status quo if you know what I mean.
MD- I think I am prone to 27.5 simply because I am going form a 28.5 and I feel a standard length racquet is going to be too much of a change. Going down an inch is HUGE it seems. The other reason is that I am a older tennis style looking player, tall and thin. My power is generated through swingspeed most all the time. Have a big serve, big forehand, slice one hand back and two hand top backhand.
Grimjack-don't necessarily agree with you, but that's fine. Don't really like the feel of the under 11 oz racquests, that is the trend I think. Not lighter, not bigger (head assumingly) and let's face it how many 35 year olds (unless your Agassi) play a power game...no offense.
To relive my previous posts...i have begun playing doubles in the past two years and will ocntinue to play about 2x singles and 2x doubles a week. So...
I need a racquet that can play well with both. My tbolt is good for singles, but not doubles...not a net racquet go figure...I got a tbolt OS for this but the control is VERY poor (go figure)...
ANDREWD-your comments have helped the most...I think the swingweight is criucial escpecially for netplay...
I am a very picky person...lol. For example I played witht the Kennex for about 10 min and put it away for good, same with the Fischer. They just didn't impress me. The Babolat has a comfortable new tech. feel. The Prince just feels familiar...you know what I mean...
I am not as patient as you Andrew, especially because I do most of my playing in the summer so I want to get something soon. Probably will pick up something here in the forum or **** (?)...
Maybe this Wilson...you think it is sluggish at the net? You think I could get away with a 27 inch, I doubt it.
Thanks again, I look forward to your reply.

07-05-2005, 09:05 AM
Grimjack-don't necessarily agree with you, but that's fine. Don't really like the feel of the under 11 oz racquests, that is the trend I think. Not lighter, not bigger (head assumingly) and let's face it how many 35 year olds (unless your Agassi) play a power game...no offense.

The fact that you don't play a power game is WHY one gravitates toward a game improvement stick. It seems you don't like the stigma of using racquets unpopular on this forum, but your current racquet of choice, AND your experiences with demos so far, indicate you like longer, more powerful racquets. You don't like light ones, but that's okay -- weight is the easiest thing to change about a racquet. You can't buy a Prestige and make it play anything like your super-long Thunderbolt. But you can buy a long game improvement stick, slap on a couple oz. of lead, and you'd be in heaven.

At any rate, keep on keepin' on. Seems like you know what you want. I hope it turns out to be what you need. But given your experiences so far, I doubt it will turn out that way. Best of luck, though.

07-05-2005, 09:20 AM
Just thought Id chime in as AndrewD is a club mate of mine and nice to see he's been able to help you out. Actually, you couldn't get a more helpful bloke in general so it's hardly surprising.

He mentioned the SurgeX and its not a bad racquet at all. Pretty manoeuvrable and a touch less power than the Babolat Pure Drive so a bit more power. Ive seen a few threads devoted to it on this message board so you can probably pick up some information there. It's a 27.5 inch racquet, which is probably why Andrew recommended it, and I found it pretty good at the net as well as on serve and groundstrokes. 100sq headsize as well if that appeals to you.

Here's a link to some old TW info about it so you can see if it might be okay.


07-05-2005, 09:27 AM

Not sure the reasons why to get away from the current stick - but I have to second grimjack's advice. Based on your commments of the NXG and Shark, I think he is right-on about your preference for a lighter, longer, and more powerful racquet (unless you want to achieve another goal of modifying your game to more fully-utilize a player-style racquet). AndrewDs advice about swingweight is also right on - and you can certainly find tweeners that are still light, but have more heft during the swing.

In Wilson's own lineup, the N5 is a tweener with a low swingweight, while the N4 has a bit more swing heft. Grip shape might be important to you as well, so if you like Prince, Wilson might be the only other option as Head grips are quite a bit more rectangular.

Knowing Wilson more than the other lineups, I'd say try an N4 or perhaps an NTour 105 (27.25 however). Both would move you in a direction a little bit away from your current stick, but still provide ample length and power.

07-05-2005, 12:27 PM
Grim-I think you are making assumptions that don't have clear basis.
I'll use any racquet made by any manufacturer, don't really care.
I am a 4.5 player who up until recently didn't know much of anything about racquet specs or any of that. I play at recreational courts with a group...
I have played witht he tbolt because it "felt good" compared to my old Prince CTS Approach-a very different racquet. I don't use it because I know what I am doing lol...
"At any rate, keep on keepin' on. Seems like you know what you want. I hope it turns out to be what you need. But given your experiences so far, I doubt it will turn out that way."
What does that mean? What would you recommend for a 4.5 all court player who plays doubles and singles...
GregOz-thanks. I think I may try that Surge X. Andrew is very nice.
Trakowski-in fact I would like to utilize a players racquet...but on the lighter end and with a swing weight of no more than 325 or so. Andrews point on the swingweight was to go lower nto higher...
Fact is the tbolt has a swingweight of like 350, which is way too high. The length is part of it of course...Also the stiffness is a bit too much. The demos I have sued have proved that. I would like to get into something like the last four in the 62-66 range or so. A bit more flex but not ridiculous like the 200G at 56.
Anyway that is my two cents, perhaps you knwo where I am coming form now.

07-05-2005, 12:57 PM
Hi sthpawrocket,

Thanks much for the clarification. Knowing this, I think the Surge-X or nCode version of the X would be excellent next demos. I haven't been able to compare apples-to-apples (strings, and tensions were different), but of the Shark, Surge, and nCode Surge, I prefer the latter. It has a softer as well as more solid feel. I thought its stringbed to be more predictable as well. I have not played with the X-versions but I imagine that they'd be similar with a bit more power and less manuverability.

A long while back (1990?), I had a Wilson Hammer which even though it was only a 10oz racquet or so, had a hefty swing weight because it was so head-heavy. Since then I have developed a preference for swingweights somewhere between 325-335. I currently play with an Wilson 61 95 and still think the Surge to be a great racquet with adequate heft. For me it was much better than the nPro - probably because of the increased swing weight.

Being a solid tweener-player racquet, a demo should give you some good info as to which way you'd like to swing - No pun intended. :-)

Good luck!

07-06-2005, 07:16 AM
BTW played again with the Shark LB MP and AeroPro Drive +. I have to say the Aero is much better for me. The Shark just feels "twangy" and there is no depth to returns. The Aero is better at the net than I thought...although I am sure the standard would be better up there.
So I think I will just a pick up a surge..if I can find one...used. Thery are around but sell quick...once I get sued to it some tape will go on and some over grips...
Rock et

07-06-2005, 09:43 AM

unless you're getting desperate for a frame Id do a search for threads relating to the SurgeX before you jump in and buy it. I think it's about a 68 for stiffness so a little higher than you'd like. If you have a look on **** there is a well respected dealer who sells them for about $80. TW, it appears, has the regular length Surge at present. You might like to demo it.

Other than that, Im out of suggestions. I'd say by this stage you have a better idea of what's out there, in the 27.5 inch range, than pretty well anyone on the board.

Let us know how it goes.