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09-09-2011, 09:50 AM
So my previous post was denied :| (maybe because I said that I never played with one of the racquets, but did not mention that the previous owner had, very little).

Here's a list of racquets I have for sale(pretty much my entire collection):

1) Pro Kennex Silver ace, L4, 9.5/10: Has been played with, has negligible signs of it though. Has some scratches on the side due to the zipper of the cover. Still has original leather grip. Haven't seen a Silver ace in such great condition so far.
$45 + shipping

2) Pro Kennex Silver ace, L4, 8.5/10: Has a Babolat head tape, very clean(in terms of scratches) under the tape, but a lot of tape residue left(can be cleaned).Some loss of paint in the silver trim. In great shape otherwise. Has 2 overgrips instead of the base grip.
$ 35 + shipping

3) Pro Kennex Silver ace, L4, 8.5/10: Minor scuffing on top, in good shape otherwise. Still has the original leather grip.
$35 + shipping

4) Pro Kennex Silver ace, L(3 or 4, not sure), 7/10. Has lost quite some paint, has some scuffing on top. I say it's a 7 because strings are broken, and has no grip, otherwise a 8.
$20+ shipping

5) Wilson Graphite Matrix, L2, 8/10: A bit of heavy scuffing at 12(+-2) o'clock, otherwise in pretty solid shape. Still has the original leather grip.

$25 + shipping

6) Pro Kennex Graphite Conquest 90, L3, 9/10: In great shape, very minor scuffing on top. Has one overgrip in place of the base grip.

$ 35 + shipping

7) Pro Kennex Graphite Conquest 90, L2, 9/10: In same state as the other one, but has a nearly new Gamma leather grip at the base.

$35 + shipping

8) Head Graphite Edge, L3, 9.25/10: Very minor wear on top, in amazing condition for such an old stick, even the red/yellow trim has lost no paint. Has an old fairway leather grip(not sure if it's the original).

$35 + shipping

9) Head Graphite Edge, L3(I think), 7/10: Some scuffing on top, trim has lost some paint. Has a grimy feel to it(which can be cleaned, I tried but didn't clean it all up). SOme grommets are pretty beat.

$15 + shipping

I have the covers for the silver aces and the wilson and will ship them with the racquets. Also, just for reference, the Silver aces are 86 sq in, the wilson is 85, the Graphite conquest 90s are 90 and the Graphite edges are 81.

Contact me at yashvpant @ gmail . com if interested.

I hope the mods approve the listing this time(fingers crossed).

See the link for pics(and browse the pics for more):

in this pic, from R to L, nos 1 to 9 in descending order.

09-10-2011, 12:36 PM
5$ off from all except no 9.

09-11-2011, 04:29 AM
Change in prices: $5 off all except no. 9

09-12-2011, 06:12 PM
still for sale, to hell with the listed prices,just mail me with your best offers(if any)..