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09-14-2011, 06:00 PM
Hey, currently im demoing some rackets and im stuck between a game improvement racket or a tweener. My preferred play style is to hit strong powerful ground strokes but with the improvement racket I can hit consistently in the court but the balls are moderate paced and the way I win points is by being consistent and waiting for an error on their part to exploit. On the other hand I love the pop and spin on a tweener racket and the way I play it is by using my strength to pressure them on their strokes or force an error on them by putting pressure with strong ground strokes. Obviously with the tweener I would also exploit any error caused by them. I would prefer to play short points with an aggressive play but the tweener is hard for me to control and im spraying balls out of the court.

I practice my ground strokes three days a week and I have a lot of improving to do so I was wondering if I should stick with a control frame which would be the safer option or should I risk the tweener since I have a lot of time and room to get better and it suits my preferred game more.

The downside to the control racket would be playing against a consistent player who can pressure me enough to error while they feed off my reserved style of game and the downside to the tweener is not improving enough to handle the power and losing by unforced errors.

09-14-2011, 06:04 PM
sorry about the double post, this thread is in the wrong section...but any TW staff that would like to help would be appreciated too:)