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09-14-2011, 07:20 PM

It has been a while since I sold any racquets here. I have decided to sell my iPrestige collection. There are 4 hard paint version, and 4 soft paint version. All are L4 except one of the soft paint versions is L3. I had switched the pallets and butcap for my son to try.

I have a few photos that can be emailed. I will go into a little detail on each racquet. I am looking to sell them all together. The first $375 plus shipping takes the lot...thats about $45 a piece...it includes three covers and 1 extra iprestige grommet.

#1 9/10 Gamma leather grip. Prince synthetic gut duraflex 17. Serial # 6718807. No stories. Awesome condition.

#2 8.5/10 Just a few little nicks on one side of the hoop, and a few paint nicks on the throat. Strung with Babolat Tonic Gut 15L Serial# 6390644.

#3 8/10 pretty much same condition as #2, just a few more rub marks on the throat. FULL CAP gromett. Strung with Technifibre NRG2 17. Serial # 7437586

#4 7.5/10 Overall great shape except a couple rub marks that went through the bumper guard into the frame. Otherwise, good condition. Would be covered up by new grommet. Needs the tournagrip peeled off the factory grip. Serial # 7210227.

The soft paint group is a little rougher, but if you know the story on these, you know this is VERY typical and does not affect play. These are all solid frames.

#5 7.5/10 One of the better soft paint frames I have seen. Side graphics all faded, but paint peeling is just on the throat. Otherwise, very good. Strung with Wilson K Gut Pro 17 (multi filament). Nicest feeling of the whole bunch. Serial #6313434

#6 6.5/10 Typical paint peeling at bridge, throat and sides. Hoop is in great shape. Full CAP grommet, lead under handle to compensate. Strung with Head synthetic gut. Serial # 6391315.

#7 6/10 A couple scrapes in the hoop. Paint is peeling more on the throat than number 6. Tons of life left. Stung with Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 17. Serial # 6511349

#8 6/10 Pretty much same as number 7. Paint peeling badly around bridge clamp areas and the throat. Hoop is really good with no deep gouges, some paint ships. No scrapes that go deeper than the grommet. I put a new grommet on this one during the last stringing. This is the only L3.

Please contact me at sds4gelco at aol dot com.

Thanks so much for looking, these need to find a good home.


09-16-2011, 10:53 AM

Number 5-8 are sold.... the four hard paint versions are still available. $225 for all four iPrestige mids L4.

Thanks for your emails.

Please reach out at sds4gelco at aol dot com.



09-17-2011, 08:10 AM
All have been sold, thanks.