View Full Version : Wozniacki says the Danish media's too hard on her

12-26-2011, 01:22 PM
For the Danish press, Caroline Wozniackis performance never be good enough, says tennis player herself.

Although she for the second consecutive year ranked world rankings best tennis player at the New Year, expectations, especially from the Danish press too high and the criticism is unwarranted.

It believes Caroline Wozniacki after yet another year when the so sought after grand slam title does not come in the house.

-Whatever you do, it's never enough in Denmark. People will always think that it is not good enough, says Caroline Wozniacki of Extra Bladet.

Question: Is it particularly bad in Denmark?

- Yes. There are significant differences between Denmark and abroad. Instead of rejoicing at the success of others so Danes pulls some things out, which in their eyes are not good enough.

- I put most notice it from the media. If I am walking on a pedestrian street in Denmark, people come up and say "super well done", "beautiful game" or "we will follow you." It's cool, says Caroline Wozniacki.

In 2011 was one of the highlights for the 21-year-old world banquets semifinals at the U.S. Open where Serena Williams, however, put an end to the Dane.

Although it was not for a finals place in the American Grand Slam tournament, says Caroline Wozniacki, the Danish media was too hard on her.

- It amazes me that the media can not just be happy for me. It's not every day we have a Dane who is number one in the world in such a great sport.

- It's not really happened before, so I think it's a little strange phenomenon. But it may look easy from the sidelines?
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Mike Sams
12-26-2011, 01:33 PM
Her game is awful really. Just boring to watch overall.

12-26-2011, 01:35 PM
It's all in her own mind. It's her that's not happy with herself. Deep inside she knows "the best" is only in her ranking, not in the tennis that she plays.