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01-19-2012, 07:36 AM
Hello Tennis enthusiasts and those who know way more than I do about gear setup,
I have no idea if this information will help, but just in case: I am a 4.5 player, 6 ft. 4 200 pounds, loopy topspin heavy forehand, more flat one handed backhand, big serve, play mostly serve and volley when I can.
I am looking for a new stick and I would like to brainstorm with you all, here is my stick journey the past two years:
Wilson K88- Loved this racket, serve and volley was amazing, but unfortunately tried luxilon bb strings and destroyed my elbow and then began a 2 year journey of healing, I am almost fully healed now.
Switched to:
Babolat Pure Storm GT- Loved the control, I never felt my forehand was going to go out and it almost never did, but for my abilities/technique was too much of a power drain on serves, almost negative power. No elbow irritation.
Prince EX Rebel 95- Closer to the K88, but always felt a little clumsy at net and something about my loopy forehand and this racquet seemed off (probably bc I missed the sweet spot every now and then). Elbow started acting up again.
Head youtek Prestige Mid- a little less power on serve than the Prince, much better forehand and volley though. Elbow flared up much less, almost never.
So ended up breaking strings on both my Head Prestige Sunday and picked up a demo for funÖ
Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro- This gave me a closer feeling to the K88 and the open string pattern gave me very intense topspin on my forehand (think that was the reason), serve was more powerful than every racket except the K88, volleys good. Hit for 4 hours over two days, without any hint of any elbow problem, it was unusual, but a welcome feeling.
So I am leaning toward switching to Prestige Pro as my racquet going forward, anyone have any thoughts on the progression above, any other rackets that will give me what I am looking for? Iíve never customized a racquet, I guess I could try that as well.

Thanks for reading.

01-19-2012, 08:19 AM
I have a similar playing style, own a PS88 but play mostly with a YT Prestige Pro. I tried the Prestige MP but prefer the 16x19 pattern with my one-handed backhand, seems to give me more control and more spin on my forehand. It is definitely a great stick for sure, especially for aggressive players. I haven't tried the IG PPro yet but can't imagine it feels THAT much different.

01-20-2012, 08:16 AM
Thanks Gram, bump bump.