View Full Version : who can supply & customize 2x TGK 238.1 (OR SIMILAR) for me

01-22-2012, 02:50 AM
hi guys, im looking for a new racquet, i used to play with prince graphite longbody and can no longer find them, and want to make the switch to head anyway, i have played with the flexpoint prestige mp XL and didnt find it too bad, but ideally i want a 27.75 - 28" racquet.

a quck run down of the specs of the P G LB

Head Size:
100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm.
Length: 28 inches / 71 cm
Strung Weight: 11.6oz / 329g
Balance: 13pts Head Light
Swingweight: 321
Stiffness: 63
Beam Width: 19 mm Straight Beam
Composition: 100% Graphite

who can supply and customize 2 OF THEM to be somewhat similar to the above, i know it cant be matched exactly and im no pro, just a social/local tournament player, but id like to get something close.

if anyone has any information or contacts they can provide to me id greatly appreciate it

thank you

01-22-2012, 05:41 AM
That's a pretty tall order.

A good place to look for Pro Stocks is the "string forums". Google it and check out the for sale section. Inventory is often pretty light and sometimes it's easy to find things and sometimes it's hard to find things. There was a lot of availability late last year of previous model frames as pros moved to the new frames and paintjobs.

Most of the Head racquets for sale are 95 sq in as head measures from the outside. There are some 90s that come for sale too along with a few 98/100s but most of those have been single frames and not in the tgk238 series.

The most common model for sale last year was the tgk238.4 which is a Youtek Prestige MidPlus. There were also a fair number of XLs that came up for sale last year and I picked up three of them and am quite happy with them. The flex on these is around 65 or 66 and you're generally not going to be able to find them longer than 27.75 inches.

Getting the weight and balance that you want may be challenging too - I guess that one would have to put it through the TW customization tool to see if it can be done.

It's clear that you'd have to compromise on your specs today. It might be easier to keep looking on used venues for what you had before than to get close to what you're looking for.

01-22-2012, 06:31 AM
im happy to use 95" and 27.75, and from what ive seen, finding something similar is hard!

many used ones have been customised and are too heavy or too short.

ive been away from the game for over a year due to work, so im happy to start with something fresh, with similar specs, if possible.


01-22-2012, 06:50 AM
The tgk238.4 at that weight and balance will have a very small sweet spot and will probably feel quite harsh on off-center hits. My frames are 348 grams unstrung with overgrip. If I take out the lead in the head (32 grams), the overgrip (6 grams), that's about 310 grams. Trimming the cap grommets may take off another 8 or 9 grams.

I've played with this frame in the 11.8 ounce to 13.15 ounce range. I have no doubt that there are pros playing with this in the 11-12 ounce range but I feel that it plays best in the 12+ ounce range and I personally like it most at over 13 ounces.

Another frame to consider is the PT57A. There were a bunch of these sold last year in XL. I believe that the hairpins are lighter than the tgk238.4s so you may have more flexibility. The PT57A is considerably more flexible too. In general 238.4s sell for about $300 new while PT57As typically sell for about $500 new.

01-22-2012, 07:09 AM
ok thanks, do i just keep an eye out on the forums or are there ppl to speak to to try find some. (pt57a xl)

01-22-2012, 09:41 AM
You can do a wanted post on string forums. Some of the people that bought them last year might want to sell them. There are lots of folks that buy frames to try out and then sell them to try something else.

You might send an email to the guy that sold them too - he's a frequent seller of frames.

01-22-2012, 10:53 AM
Most of the TGK frames are bought and sold on stringforum.net.