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01-22-2012, 11:20 AM
I have been considering getting a new racket to replace the myriad batch of old sticks that I play with. (Well, not replace so much as augment, since I am thinking about playing league and tourney this coming summer if I can get up to speed for it.) I have been a Dunlop fan for years, and after playing a batch of other rackets, I think I'm really liking the Bio 200. The only thing is that my local shop only had the regular Bio200 available when I demo'd.

I like the standard racket very much. With 17g strings it has a fair amount of spin for me (I hit pretty flat), and such a great feel. It was great on my arm and (previously rebuilt) shoulder. I really liked it.

So now that I'm looking seriously into getting a racket made within the last 20 years I'm trying to find out if I should really get the other two (Tour and Lite) from TW to demo before I get the regular Bio. Regardless of which I get, I will add a leather grip and customize the weight of the sticks. So, I am wondering, would the Lite give me a bit more spin with much of the same control as I get from the Std.? Is the Lite a 57RA like it says on the TW specs page for the racket or a 65 like it says on the review page? The higher RA is definitely a turn-off for me.

Would the Tour be a better choice since I like heavy rackets (380+ with a good HL balance - 10+)? I use dense string patterns typically, so going to a 16x18 seems pretty open to me just as a theory (especially since I use 18x20 in an 80-85" head most of the time). The 61RA isn't as bad as 65, but not as appealing as a 57 in theory as I like to use soft strings and a soft racket to hold the ball on the strings more.

I love rackets like the Max200g, the F200 and the Head Graphite Professional, but think a 95 head would be a good thing for competitive play. Can anyone suggest which Bio200 would be the best starting point for me?


01-22-2012, 01:29 PM
Just demo them.

If you get the Lite you will always be able to customize it later. However, since you like heavier rackets, you WILL find yourself wanting to add some weight to Lite, so if you do not want to bother with lead, skip Lite.

I cannot comment on its flexibility. It feels pretty "normal" to me. Definitely not 57, that would be a totally powerless sausage.

01-22-2012, 01:33 PM
The weight issue.
If you have plenty of time to swing and can swing as fast as you need, weight won't hurt you, but LITEweight might.
If you are late more often than on time, a lighter racket CAN help you prepare sooner, but you give up power against fast incoming balls and need to hit a little more aggressively because most of your shots will be weaker in some aspect than with a heavier racket.
Always a problem, you can easily be late on shots AND need a heavy racket to impart your FLAT shots.
That's why Dunlop makes 4 200's.