View Full Version : What show would best fit my foot type?

01-29-2012, 04:29 PM
I am looking for a shoe that is for medium to slim feet with a moderate to big arch. I need good comfort, and it cannot give me blisters. I dont care how much it is or what is looks like. Also note I play all of my matches on hard courts, either inside or out. I was looking at the Barricade 7's but wasn't sure if they would fit well. Trying shoes on is kind of a problem because I am about 50 minutes from the nearest tennis store that would carry a decent supply/variety of shoes.

01-29-2012, 04:30 PM
Meant shoe* not show.
Before someone corrects me again...

01-30-2012, 10:51 AM
See the TW review of the Barricade 7. You can gather from it that a potential problem for someone with narrow feet is that your toes might jam against the front of the shoe on sudden stops. I have narrow feet with low/med arches and I experienced the same thing with my adiZero Feathers.

Right now I'm wearing the Prince T10. It's as narrow as an Adidas shoe, but it secures my feet better so I don't get the same toe jamming. Too bad it's discontinued. Please don't get it if you wear 9.5. I might need to order more. :)