View Full Version : 2012 Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus - WoW!

01-30-2012, 12:03 PM
Well, I did it again. I bought my new 2012 standard length Pure Drive 10 days ago, and do love it, however I just had to demo the PDR+ to see for myself what difference in power there might be.


Incredible serving machine - If you want free points and can handle the 315g's and extra length, look no further. This thing should not be legal. I've never experienced a stick like it for serving.

OK, I grant you - it's not perfect. I find the std PD much more manouverable, and more reliably controllable on groundies, but If you need to "muscle" through a tough opponent, and can get used to the extra length - and end a rally before it's even begun aka ACE, try this if only for fun.

I plan on buying one, simply because it is such a joy to serve with.

me= UK LTA rating 7.2 (that's a generous rating by my Tennis pro BTW-probably equivalent to a 3.5 US rating)
Pure Drive user for several users (still rate the Team as my all time favourite version PD). Also have owned and played with Pure Storm GT, NBlade, Pro Kennex Ki5 and demo-ed most sticks. In the end I always sold the aforementioned in favour of returning to the Pure Drive.