View Full Version : Broken Nike 2.3s

01-31-2012, 09:47 AM
Hi guys, I'm an avid wearer of 2.3s and have had quite a few pairs. The ultimate in stability and comfort along with good breathability and durability for me. They last me approximately 4-5 months playing on hard courts. I've never had any issues with them.

However, I have been wearing my latest pair for only 6 weeks and where the shoe meets the top of my left little tow it feels as if a small, hard pea-shaped piece has broken off. This cut open my toe last week before I realized the issue and the problem came out of nowhere.

Has anyone had this? I can move the piece around when I stick my hands in there but any tips for something more permanent like cutting it out? I really don't want to junk this pair as the soles have 70% left and they were so comfy out the box.

I out of the 6 mo warranty period as I bought a bunch and closeted them before they were discontinued.

Thanks for any help you can muster.

edit- stuck a knife in them since I had nothing to lose. Can't get the piece out without really hacking them up but it feels recessed. Will see.