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T-ennis 888
02-07-2012, 07:07 AM

I am in India at the moment and have seen what is sold as a Wilson BLX Tour 90 but it weighs something like 11.2/11.3 oz. It doesn't have Federer's signature on the throat (I assume all Tour 90's being sold would do as he is currently their biggest marketing tool). Any thoughts? Is it a counterfeit racquet?

If it's not counterfeit, what does it play like? Is it stable? I ask as I'd be tempted to buy it if any of you can vouch that it is stable.

Also, I am currently in Calcutta, can any of you living here/who have visited the city recommend a place to buy racquets/gear (the shop I viewed the abovementioned racquet in is a chain called Body Line - can anyone recommend anywhere else to buy stuff at?).

As always, thanks in advance who respond.

02-07-2012, 07:43 AM
Checked the picture of the BLX Japan on the web. There should be a signature where big BLX is written. Check out the tennis town hk website. Yesterday, I hit with n90 for 2 minutes and when you hit the sweet spot it feels very good but it is not forgiving. I would buy the BLX 90 Japan just for fun and the paint job as I think it is very pretty =)