View Full Version : Black knowledge

02-09-2012, 11:29 AM
Thought Iīve found racket heaven after testing approx. 40 frames over the last 10 years-- A Prince citrus hybrid O3 260 (same as the red hybrid O3)!

Leaded it up from 260 to 310 gram. Superpower and crasy large sweetspot, just rip and win donīt think.

Now I know better--- what abaout feel, looks and control?

Well, well itīs not the frame itīs me but letīs keep it simple and enjoy the game. So since 3 weeks ago the Wilson BLX six one 16*18 is my frame.

Not near as powerful and I miss that from the prince. But touch and feel is way better. And power using weight is pretty nice when the timingīs on--- PLOW THROUGH.

Whatīs also back in my game is "Rogerīs" sliced backhand the one that dosenīt bounce. Thatīs and enjoyement right there.

To sum it up: you win some loose some whatever frame you use. Only make sure that it feeels right.