View Full Version : TW: has the email address for international orders changed?

02-10-2012, 12:52 PM

My fiancee has been trying to get in touch with the international orders section to find out about having a pre-strung racquet (Head Ti.S6) re-strung. In the past she's had no trouble contacting them to place an order or make a query but this time it's proving very difficult. She's sent a few emails but hasn't received a reply to any of them and is wondering if the email address has changed. Is it still, twint@tennis-warehouse.com ?

In regards to her question, can she request that a pre-strung racquet be re-strung (assuming she buys the string) ? Also, given that the Head Ti.S6 has a larger-than-usual head size of 118sq, would she need to purchase more than one pack of string to get the job done?

Thanks very much.