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02-15-2012, 02:32 AM
Hi my little bro is 12yr old. Left handed, Has the Radical Pro that I bought, Bought two of em. I don't know what to advice him, I was abit wondering about his game, Any suggestions? Because you know Like me I'm having some problems with Slice and Volleys, I use an 2bh but then When it comes to 1bh Volleys and Slices I have low power. I wonder if he has the same thing but we're not almost the same.

Jack Romeo
02-15-2012, 07:21 AM
let him experiment and find what works. let him evaluate for himself what is more comfortable and effective. once he makes his choice, he should stick to it

02-15-2012, 08:20 AM
Let him work it out mate, it tends to work out best when you do that

02-15-2012, 04:20 PM
You, try double conti 2hbh backhand volleys. More power, more control, can handle the hardest shots and putaway the softest.
Him...hit with him and have him start a slice backhand until it's consistent, then allow him to work on a 2hbh or a 1hbh topspin.

02-15-2012, 10:03 PM
Have him try a 1hander first. See how he does. The extra reach is an advantage.

02-16-2012, 01:49 AM
Well. He has the Radical Pro, I was wondering if a 95 is better for a 1 handed. In fact He said he has the same problem as me. Kinda like that. I'll tell you the problem that he said, "On my Two Handed's I had TOO much Spin, Even at the baseline. It's like I am very consistent on Two Handed's When it comes to where the contact point will be. But then I am not very consistent when it comes to Volleys. Meaning that I can't produce more power since I was using a 2bh, On the other side. The 1bh I can say is something that I don't produce much Topspins, But then it works out with my Volleys and Slices, I am an Baseline Defender but when I started using 1bh today when I volleyed it was more Stronger than before, When I sliced I did and was able to control, The only not nice thing is that I wasn't really consistent on where the contact point will be, Everytime I start swinging It won't hit the right spot, Thats why I don't produce as much as Spin as a 2bh"

What do you guys think.

fuzz nation
02-16-2012, 09:14 AM
One idea I'll float right away is that regardless of whether anyone, including you or your brother, uses a one or two-handed backhand, a one-handed slice and a decent volley are two shots that need to be learned on their own regardless of the style of topspin backhand that works for that player.

It might be a big help for your brother to spend a set amount of time working on just one style of backhand (maybe a week?) and then switch to focusing exclusively on the other style for a bit. This could give him a sense of whether one of the strokes comes more naturally to him. If he finds a stronger aptitude for a style, he'll probably develop it in a hurry.

The problem with comparing these contrasting backhand styles is that some of their technical aspects are incompatible; they demand different contact points, swing timing, hand dominance, etc. A two-hander for example can work fine with an open stance, but not a decent one-hander. If you decide to try this comparison, I'd recommend trying the one-hander first, since it requires just a little extra time to setup and swing the racquet to a strike zone that's farther out in front of the player. It's usually easier (and less frustrating) to delay that timing when switching to a two-hander instead of advancing it to change styles over to a one-hander.

02-16-2012, 10:41 AM
Most 12 year olds control a two hand backhand better.

That's why they end up with one, even as they get bigger/stronger - they've already been doing it for years.

He may still be a year or two away from being "strong enough", or mentally prepared enough, to switch to a 1HBH and put up with shanking a lot of shots until he improves.

Both of you need to come to an understanding. Besides the fun time rallying, try to devote at least 5-10 minutes to each of you practicing 1HBH groundstroke slices and volleys. If you make him a partner in the decision making, he's more apt to go along with it. Frequently ask him how he thinks your shots are coming along to keep him thinking and engaged (even if you don't think you need his observations/advice). It will also make it easier for you give him advice without ill feelings.

02-16-2012, 12:16 PM
I wasn't quite clear whether you were talking about just slice/volley or topspin backhand.

For slice/volley, he should try 1-handed first.

For topspin groundie, it depends on you and your brother:

-If your brother is a casual player, and won't spend much time or effort, then a 2hbh is best. It's easier to learn and maintain, especially if you (his teacher) don't know how to hit one well.

-If you do know how to hit a 1hbh well, then I recommend having him experiment with both at some point to see what works best for him.

-If you don't know how to hit one well, but your brother is serious and willing to learn/research on his own, start him out with a 2hbh, but let him know about the possibility of a 1hbh if he wants to pursue it on his own. Maybe show him some videos to pique his interest.

Two videos I would recommend are:

For the right grip:

The best vid on the stroke

02-18-2012, 04:10 AM
Well I don't really know how to Topspin 1bh. But I am an Aggresive Baseliner. And he's an Pusher. So we have like difference on things. I was reading on some backhands. saying that 2Backhands are for Baseliners while 1backhands are for Volley players, Wouldn't it increase your power on slicing and Volleying if your using 1bh? But then it'll weaken your Baseline Defense?. So it might be better for him to play 2bh instead?

02-18-2012, 05:26 PM
The best setup for both of you is probably:

2hbh for topspin
1hbh for slices and volleys