View Full Version : Organix 4 vs. Pure Drive 107 vs Ti.S6

02-16-2012, 02:18 AM
Yes, I know, not really comparable racquets. Well, maybe the Babolat and Volkl are pretty close in specs.

Here's the deal. I'm currently demoing the 107 (new one) and the Organix. I own the Head. Bought the Head of the Sports Authority rack last year, after ten years away from the game. Just needed something to get back into the game. I love the lightness of it, but it was simply too powerful to keep in front of the baseline most times. Then I had it restrung with Head Sonic Pro at 64 lbs. and it feels much better with the more controlling string and higher tension.

Still, figured I can improve on it. Obviously, I like a light stick, but didn't think I needed to stay in the 9 oz. range. Grabbed the Organix 4 and the PD 107. Got them yesterday, and played an hour of 3.5 doubles followed by an hour of singles. Both rackets did well in doubles, especially at the net. Ground strokes were good, but serves were quite atrocious, as my serves often tend to be. Knew the real test wouldn't come until singles.

Played four games in the Volkl. Still could not serve, still had decent control from the baseline, but was quickly down 4-0. Switched to the Babolat, similar result, except the flat serves starting coming in better (I have a hard flat and a spinning first serve, slow 2nd). Still, soon the score was 8-0.

Finally pulled the Head out of the bag for the first time all night, after an hour and a half. Finished by winning three of six games, and ground strokes felt better, while serves were awesome. Held my first game to love, hitting five balls in the game (3 aces, one easy put away after serve).

So, now what? Obviously, I still have these demos for six more days, and I plan on court time (not a match, just practice) at least three more times between now and Wednesday. Do you think I'll simply grow into one of these two racquets during that time, with more hits and practice? I like them both, but I don't love them, and I came really close to falling in love with the Head last night. Should I end up switching to one of these other two (actually, I have four total sticks, haven't swung the other two yet, Organix 8 and Pure Drive GT (old one) are also in the demo bags) or maybe buy a 2nd Ti and set up like this one, or, third option, go similarly light but with perhaps a better stick, LM 8, Ionix Ki 20, Biomimetic 500 Plus and Aerogel 800 are among those that come to mind.


02-16-2012, 02:21 AM
I should add, I love the reputation of the Volkl's for being arm savers. Haven't had any elbow problems, but I do have a couple shoulders that tend to hurt from time to time, especially with overhand motions like pitching and serving. So, I really want to like the Volkl the best in the end.