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02-26-2012, 05:35 AM
I have 2 Tecnifibre 325 rackets and they have been strung and gripped exactly the same (heat shrink, replacement and over grip). Even right down to the same vibration dampeners and grip tape! One weighs 362g and the other weighs in at 348g.. My guess is that the weight differential is down to manufacturing as 2 rackets are nearly never the same.

So ,I want to get the lighter one up to 362g but I am not very experienced in customising rackets, in terms of weight. I was just hoping that some people could help me with it and tell me where to add lead tape without altering sw and balance.

Thanks in advance!

fuzz nation
02-26-2012, 06:47 AM
Have you looked at the Learning Center that's accessible through TW's home page? There's a category in there that covers racquet customization, including how much lead tape to add and where to place it, depending on what you're trying to change. They were even kind enough to include pictures.

02-26-2012, 06:59 AM