View Full Version : Head Ig Prestige Mid Vs Prokennex Redondo Mid 100 Graphite

03-05-2012, 02:36 PM
IG Prestige Mid strung with : Solinco Tour bite 1.20mm at 51 lbs
Prokennex Redondo Mid strung with: Wilson SGX 17 Syntetic Gut.

First of all, a little ranking :

Serve : Redondo
Forehand : Prestige
Backhand : Redondo
Slice BH : Prestige
Volleys : Prestige.
Touch : Prestige
Confort : Redondo.
Top spin : Prestige.
Returns : Redondo.
Stability : Both.
Power : Redondo.

Overall : Both racquet are very good, but I think my serve is better with the
Redondo, maybe for this reason, if i have one tourney tomorrow I pick up the redondo.