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03-29-2012, 11:51 PM
Hi Brittany,

I have been playing with the Prince Warrior 100 as my main match racket for the past few weeks but the reviews of the Donnay Formula 100 and Volkl Organix V1 have got me thinking especially the comments on extra control for the Donnay.

I note both you and Chris tested all three of these rackets and was wondering if you and/or Chris could give a brief comparative opinion of them. Siobhan also tested the Donnay and Volkl and seemed to love them both but it would be interesting to see which she preferred also.

Kind regards


TW Staff
04-02-2012, 09:42 AM
Hi Dgdavid,

After reviewing all three racquets, I think my favorite was the Donnay Formula 100 which just edged out the Volkl Organix V1. I then would follow it up with the Prince EXO3 Warrior 100. Here are my reasons:

The Donnay Formula 100 is solid, comfortable and had lots of control with just enough power for me. I enjoyed it both in singles and doubles. The Volkl Organix V1 was a close second with its combination of power, comfort, and control. My only knock on the V1 was a little lack of stability when it came to returning hard, flat shots or slice. I previously played with the Prince O3 Speedport Black and EXO3 Black racquets so I was excited to try out the Prince EXO3 Warrior. There were definitely some similarities and I was able to get use to the racquet fairly quick. My knock on this racquet is the feel. Since I have been working at TW, I have experienced hitting with so many different racquets and the EXO3 Warrior just lacked a little bit of feel for me especially up at net. I felt the power and spin production was similar between the Donnay and Prince. I felt the V1 had more power and maneuverability than the Warrior.

Here is Siobhan's thoughts:

I've never played with a racquet that provides the control like the Donnay, and it was really enjoyable to play with but overall? I have a preference for the Volkl. The combination of the power, spin, comfort -- made it great from every point of the court.

Hope that helps!

Brittany, TW

04-02-2012, 02:35 PM
Thanks Brittany, much appreciated. Siobhan also.

It's a real shame it is not possible to demo the Donnay in England. Unfortunately, TWE's demo programme does not extend this side of the Channel! Maybe I will have better luck with the Volkl.

I forgot Chris also tested all of these. What was his preference? I am guessing the Donnay also.

Kind regards