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03-30-2012, 03:31 AM
I searched for the answer but couldn't find it. Leaving for two weeks for daughters tennis tournaments in california.

She has 5 sticks hybrid poly/syn gut X - 56/59

If I string all of them tonight she more than likely won't use two of them till the 2nd week. Question is will these play then same or is there a gradual tension loss over time. She is not that picky but I just thought I'd check.

Thanks a lot. katematt

03-30-2012, 03:46 AM
Ask your daughter if it does not matter to her it does not matter.

03-30-2012, 04:02 AM
Thanks for the advice.

03-31-2012, 02:55 AM
Sage advice from Irvin indeed, however, there is some tension loss before the racquet string "settles". The key is (as Irvin alluded to) does your daughter notice the difference.

With five racquets my guess is she's a fairly decent player. Either that or you guys like to collect racquets lol. Assuming she's fairly advanced, some players are simply more sensitive to subtleties than others. I work with a kid who's a senior at a local high school, she's no. 1 varsity, very good off the ground, reminds me of Mary Pierce in her prime. Not really much of thinker, kind of a caveman mentality, but boy can she give that ball a ride. I don't care what you put in her hands (racquet-wise, I mean), she can hit with it. Then there's my 16-year-old boy (not my son, but another player), who seems to notice/be sensitive to every little thing. His grip has to be just so, shoes, strings, hair, you name it.

If you haven't mentioned it to your daughter, don't. Like Irvin said, if she doesn't mention it or doesn't notice, it's a non-issue.