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04-09-2012, 05:57 PM
All prices include shipping to the continental US.

These are 7/10. They have been used and their grommets are good as well as their bumpers. There are chips as well as scrapes but no cracks and are perfectly playable as your main stick or a backup.
Fischer Power Glass 4 ($20)
Head Flexpoint Radical OS 4 ($50)
Prince Michael Change Longbody Graphite OS 4 ($45)
POG 4stripe OS 4 ($60)
Prince Graphite II MP 4 3/8 ($50)
Prince CTS Approach OS x2 4 3/8 & 4 ($40/each)
Prince Graphite Powerflex 90 x2 4 & 4 3/8 ($35/each)
Prince Power Pro 90 x2 4 & 4 ($35/each)
Volkl C10 Pro 4 ($50)
Wilson Sting Midsize w/ PWS 4 5/8 ($30)
Wilson Sting Midsize w/o PWS 4 ($35)
Wilson Pro 200 Midsize w/ PWS 4 ($25)
Wilson Pro Staff Classic MP 4 ($60)

This is 9+/10. It barely has a scrape on the bumper and is nearly perfect. It has been used maybe 3 times.
Head i.Prestige MP 4 3/8 ($100)

This is 5/10. It needs a new bumper. It has many scrapes and chips. With a new bumper and grommets, I'd rate it a 7/10.
Wilson Kfactor Ksix.one Tour 90 4 3/8 ($60)

All prices are as if you are buying only one racquet. If you are buying multiple racquets, deduct $5/racquet. I'm open to offers on trades. I like POG mids, Kirschbaum Pro Line II 17 (1.25), and Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 17 Natural. I could use other string sets too as I string for many other people.

I'm really just trying to thin the herd. :) I have many good references and try to use the TT sticky post as a reference for judging the condition of my racquets.

04-21-2012, 01:35 PM
Head I.Prestige MP is gone. Thanks for the string Russell!

Come on people! Make an offer! I see want ads all of the time for PSC racquets. This is in good shape. I like to think my descriptions are very fair and I have many references.

06-22-2012, 06:36 PM

All Wilson racquets are sold! I have no Wilson racquets from this original listing!

The rest are still available and my asking price is negotiable.