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04-12-2012, 06:42 AM
I'd like to sell all of these in one sale for $250 + shipping. If you're local to Nashua, NH (50 minutes from Boston) and can pick them up, then I'll toss in a Pure Drive Roddick (4 5/8 grip, 8.5/10, 3 years old).

All payments by PayPal (I have to setup my account to receive payments which should take a day or two) and shipments only within the Continental US. My email address is movdqa@gmail.com

I plan to ship by UPS Ground from NH unless the buyer has a strong preference for another approach.

I believe that the prices listed are more than reasonable.


The KPS88s are roughly two to three years old. They were all purchased when the KPS88 was being sold by TW and they were all originally purchased at TW. I can provide additional high-resolution pictures privately (1600x1200) upon request.

The first racquet was purchased from a well-known Wilson 90 TW member and customized by another TW member with a customization service. The racquet weighed about 12.6 ounces and was modified to get to the weight shown in the picture. There is a relatively small amount of lead under the grip and I'd guess that there is some under the grommets so it would be possible to get a 12.6 ounce KPS88 by removing the lead. I would rate this frame as 8/10. It has a new bumper and maybe a new grip. There are wedding ring marks on the left side of the throat on both sides. I touched up the ring marks with a Sharpie. $60 + shipping. 4 1/2 grip.


The second racquet is like the first in that it was purchased from TW, customized and later sold to me. TW weight was 12.8 ounces and modified to match the first frame. Like the first frame, it has ring marks on one side on the left side of the throat and I have touched it up with a Sharpie. It is strung with Wilson Sensation at 58 pounds. The grommets were replaced before I bought it and I have used it for less than thirty minutes. 8/10. $60 + shipping. 4 1/2 grip.


The third racquet was purchased directly from TW. It is strung with Black Code at 54 pounds though I don't know how long they have been used. Note that there is some wearing of the paint on the right side edge of the PWS. I'm told that this is from hitting kickers with the ball hitting the frame there. This racquet probably has about 100 hours of playing time on it. 7.5/10. $50 + shipping. 4 5/8 grip.


The fourth racquet was purchased directly from TW. It is strung with Luxilon 16 at 54 pounds (I don't recall the variant). The racquet has about 5 hours of playing time on it. 9/10. $60 + shipping. 4 5/8 grip.


The fifth racquet was purchased directly from TW. It is strung with Luxilon 16 at 54 pounds (I don't recall the variant). The racquet probably has about 150 hours of playing time on it. Note that there is some wearing of the paint on the right side edge of the PWS on both sides of the frame, similar to the third racquet. Also note the nail at the bottom of the grip. The buttcap did not come with staples and it slipped off during play and I used a small nail to secure the buttcap back onto the handle. This racquet, at 13.1 ounces, is heavy but it hits a very heavy ball. 7/10. $50 + shipping. 4 5/8 grip.



The K90s are about four or five years old. They were both purchased from TW and both have seen a lot of use, I'd guess 100 hours of playing time for both. One of the racquets has some paint wear on the right PWS. The strings in both are pretty old, one is full poly, the other is a co-poly. Both are 4 5/8ths grips. I can provide high-resolution pictures privately upon request. I'm asking $50 + shipping for both. I would rate both as 7/10. There is a significant difference in weight between the two frames which will be evident when the pictures are posted. They would not make for a good matched set without a fair amount of customization work.

<I will add links to pictures in an update to this post later on>

04-12-2012, 12:23 PM
Do you have any K88's in 4 3/8 grip size?

04-12-2012, 12:48 PM
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04-12-2012, 12:49 PM
I do not have any Wilsons in 4 3/8s and the grips are molded.

04-12-2012, 01:54 PM
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04-14-2012, 04:20 PM
I was unavailable for two days. I have at least three offers for all seven racquets and am working on the first (paypal setup, getting the box and bubble wrap). I will post an update with pictures of the K90s later tonight.

04-14-2012, 05:56 PM
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04-15-2012, 03:52 AM
Racquet #6 (K90) is about five years old and weighs 355 grams. As you can see in picture #4, there is a slight amount of paint wear on the right PWS where a bit of white comes through on the corner.


Racquet #7 (K90) is about five years old (maybe six) and weighs 362 grams. As you can see in picture #2, there is a little more paint wear on the right PWS where the white comes through. Picture #4 shows the other side doesn't have this issue.



The current status is that I have about 8 interested buyers with the top three interested in buying the whole set. I wanted to make sure that I had pictures available for all of them so that buyers would be sure that they see what they are getting. I am going to buy the bubble wrap and box tomorrow and ask UPS what they charge to ship ground (I think that the rate is flat within the CONUS). When I have the racquets packaged, I will then accept payment from the first in line. If the first in line backs off, then I will contact the second, etc.

04-17-2012, 07:08 PM
These frames have been sold.

Thanks TW!