View Full Version : Need help with stringer

05-06-2012, 06:05 PM
This is going to be a dumb question, but I own a Alpha Pioneer DC Plus, and haven't used it in a long time, and I need to string a racquet. I cannot remember if the tension you set it at is the top or bottom of the adjustable weight. For example if I were to move the weight to an arbitrary position and the number at the bottom of the weight reads 50 lbs, and the number above it is around 64 lbs... is the tension 50 or 64? I would look at the instructional video, but I dont have it with me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

05-06-2012, 06:19 PM
It's the number on the bottom, so in that case the weight would be set at 50. Keep in mind that the stringbed tension for a dropweight machine will be higher than for a lockout machine. I find the difference to be about 12%.

05-11-2012, 08:02 AM
Awesome, thank you very much!