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05-29-2012, 11:25 PM
US Open 2011, Djokovic's playing against Roger Federer. Roger is ahead and about to win when Novak lands his defining moment, comes back into the match and wins.

A teaser covering that subject was released a few days ago

And the full version followed last night

The videos have been filmed by Swiss Timepiece Manufacturer Audemars Piguet and are part of a new advertisement campaign. I like the approach very much because it brings in something else than "Hi I'm so and so and these shoes are really the best you can wear".

Who's passing the cut, Novak or Roger ?

05-29-2012, 11:32 PM
All that sappy, over-dramatic camera work and no video of the actual point?? :confused:

With your first post on TT (mmhmm), you're now officially a ******* target :)

05-29-2012, 11:47 PM
The point is here:

Sometimes words are more important. The fact you do not see the point works well for me.

Too bad there can't be a Roger Novak final this time.

05-29-2012, 11:58 PM

05-30-2012, 12:36 AM
Ah man, don't remind me of that shot. I couldn't sleep that night :(

05-30-2012, 01:26 AM
Thanks a lot for posting, just love Novak. Smart and eloquent and confident. No fake humility and shifty-eyed, avoiding eye contact crap.