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06-06-2012, 05:13 AM
I want to know if anybody knows if any heir of Gabriela Sabatini is preparing in Argentina to start playing as a pro in any near future.It is a long time that I havent seen any Agentinean girl playing quaters,semis or finals of any tournament.Is something brewing down there?.
Besides,almost a year ago I've seen a presentation match from an Arab girl from Oman,what news from her?.Is she still playing?.Is she participating in Roland Garros,or will she do so in Wimbledon?.By the way,do you know her name?.Thanks a lot for your answer.

06-06-2012, 05:58 AM
Fatma Al Nabhani


Wolfman Jack
06-06-2012, 06:09 AM
Fatma Al Nabhani

The phonetical pronunciation is, as they say in West Virginia: "Fat Maw, ain't No Ham!"

06-06-2012, 12:13 PM
The only Argentine player who manages to play slams is Paula Ormaechea. Gisela Dulko's went downhill after she got married. I think she's just preparing for the Olympics with Paola Suarez as doubles partner.