View Full Version : POG midplus 28" racquet

02-24-2004, 09:04 PM
I just won this on ****.. is this the racquet that Coria and the other Prince players use? Here's the link: http://cgi.*********/ws/****ISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3661843573&ssPageName= ADME:B:EOAB:US:6


Swan Song
02-24-2004, 09:17 PM
I've heard that the POG LB MP had a 16x18 pattern. I think the one that you got looked like a 14x18 like the regular POG.

02-25-2004, 03:15 PM
Although the color is off in the picture, I'd say what you've got is a Prince Precision 730. It's a 14x18, 97" head size, longbody version of the Graphite II (22mm beam). The POG 100" MP longbody has a 16x18 pattern and thinner beam.

02-26-2004, 09:15 AM
See this thread.