View Full Version : 4x BB11 SE 9.5/10 Great sticks!

08-01-2012, 02:03 AM
For sale 4 BB11 SE (special edition) in 9.5/10. Grip 4, but the grip on these racquets feels smaller, closer to a 3 in fact. These rackets are in pristine condition. Absolutely no scratch. The paint is beautiful on these, and they are truly unique racquets. These were made in limited quantity and were made for Boris Becker himself according to his specs. It is a very different racquet then the regular BB11! It had more DNX and (I believe) a different graphite, the feel is much more solid. It is a true pro stock stick, very solid, stable, precise and powerful when struck properly.

The sticks came leaded like pro stock racquets but lead can be easily removed to make it lighter and more maneuvrable. Without any lead, it comes to about 317g unstrung and it is super fast and maneuvrable while still retaining great stability and power. That's how I played them with great success. These are rare and very unique. You'll find a lot of great info about these sticks on TT. Most people complained about the weight fully leaded, but the ones who played it unleaded got it right and loved the frame.

£120 per racket, 2 for £220, 3 for £300, 4 for £390.

Postage to Europe is £15 and Worldwide is £25.

Pics available upon request.

Any questions, please donít hesitate to contact me: drb379@gmail.com

08-14-2012, 02:38 AM
these were ridiculously priced at 500Ä per racquet when they came out. This is a bargain at the asked price, but I'm willing to lower even more. Great great stick, much better then most stuff built today. Pics available upon request.