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09-10-2012, 11:51 AM
Sunday, 9 September 2012

PseudoFed previews the menís singles final of the US Open:
Thank you to My great friends at The Tennis Space for asking My staff to arrange for Me to share My expert opinion on the U.S. Open final. Iím always happy to help you out. As they say Ė you scratch My back, and so do My staff.
First of all I will say that if had I won the quarter finals, semis and beaten My opponent in the final I would have been the winner. Youíre welcome. Iím thinking of the times ahead (referred to as the future) and I am liking of the idea of becoming a tennis commentators giving views with no bias and so being totally objectional. Letís make the analysis.
Andrew Murray Ė He has a top coach Mr. Lentils. I find him a little off-putting as during Andrewís matches. He is always so animated, shouting and making the whoop whoop noises. Itís as though he is the Oprah Winfrey show shouting, ďGo Ricky, Go RickyĒ. Certainly if I was Andrew Iíd tell him to, ĎShut upí. Andrew must make the concentrations on his game, first serves will be important times. He must also try and make the balls long even though they are usually round. This will confuse his opponent. He has a strong team behind him. I canít help but feel he has stepped it up with the notches. James Bond is now in his camp as well as Alex Ferguson. Two major U.K. weapons of mass destruction.
Novak Djokovic Ė he is certainly an interesting player. His family are very quiet, stealth-like I would say. Personally Iíve never noticed them despite rumors to the contrary. Novakís main weapon is his variability. This is enough to throw the tactics of nearly every opponent. He can skillfully make the impersonations and suddenly you think youíre about to serve against Nadal, Roddick or Maria Sugarapova. If it was Me playing against Novak Iíd use the intellectual side of the game. To begin with he cannot fool Me about being Nadal as if it was, Iíd have most likely have already lost the match. Roddick has already made the retirements so it canít be him and I know this. Maria would be more difficult but I believe if a woman was in the menís final Gilles Simon would make lots of noises.
Who will win? Well it can only be one of them. This means the other will lose. We will only know the winner when one of them has won.