View Full Version : Yonex or Volkl?

10-17-2012, 10:46 AM
Hi All,

I'm currently playing with the PDR+ 2012, but althought is nice and I can play pretty well with it, I want to go to a heavy more control oriented frame.. probably my choice would be the 6.1 16x18, but everytime I think of it my arm remind me of the worst TE I had in my life with a HPS6.1 (great frame!)

So recently I found at a local shop the following frames:
- RDS002T
- RDTI80
- C10
- Tour 10 Gen 2

As I never played with them an testing is not possible, what can you say about them? I'm interest in Comfort, Power and Playability

(A pity I can't find a RQIS1T at a reasonable price.. as that would be my personal choice)