View Full Version : (2) Boris Becker 11 325g 4 1/2 grip

10-30-2012, 06:20 AM
These have 4 1/2 grips with leather (one TW and one gamma I believe). One I would rate at 7.5 and the other maybe 8+. The lower rated one just has a few more paint chips on the silver parts than the other. Both are nice and ready to play. It is strung with Gamma Prodigy, and the nicer one strung with Pacific Classic 16L/Head FXP 17, both at 60 lbs. I love the control with these frames. $75 shipped for the nicer one. $65 shipped for the other one. $120 shipped for the pair.


The only trades I could really use are natural gut string, preferably Pacific 16L.