View Full Version : q control bij Prokennex q5 295

11-07-2012, 07:43 AM
Hi Guys,

Tried to buy one 2day at Tenniswarehouse Europe.

Because they had only 3 in stock, they were willing to measure weight and swingweight for free. What is really nice and helpful, so thanks again. Points for service!

I was suprised when they came back to me (within 25 minutes).

1.Schläger: 323 gr. - SW 350
2. Schläger: 315 gr. - SW 334
3. Schläger: 311,5 gr. - SW 314

Massive differences. And none of the 3 are what I like. I was hoping for a a bit too heavy racket with a normal swingweight. But I was unlucky.

Really glad TWE helped me (for free) to measure the rackets. Otherwise I would have bougth one, which really would have not made me happy.

So thanks again to TWE and a little warning for you when ordering these.