View Full Version : Pro tournament tips?

08-17-2005, 01:36 PM
Im thinking of going to cincinnati to watch the cincy open this weekend. Its will be my first time going to a real pro tournament. and im thinking of order a single session ticket for one of the last 2 days. but on the order form it says "terrace level only" beside the single session. and im watching it on TV and the stadium is completely empty, I can pretty much sit anywhere I want so IF there are open seats, can i move closer or do I have to sit in the terrace level?

and being a first timer, are there loopholes that rookies dont catch and get cheated out of their money that I should be aware of? any tips from tourny veterans that I should take note of?

and how can I get autographs? just any tips in general as far as making the most out of my trip would be very helpful!