View Full Version : Experience with i.prestige, PK 5G, and Dunlop Absorber

08-25-2005, 10:17 AM
Here are some observations on using the above rackets.

I gut back into tennis a couple of years ago after many years off due to severe golpher elbow developed with wood rackets some 30 years ago in high school tennis. Possibly a bone chip from football injury caused pain here as well according to doctors at the time.

I did a lot of reading and picked up an i.prestige with low tension natural gut which I used for about a year and a half without a lot of pain, but I wasn't really hitting that hard and used a lot of slice. I started getting comfortable with it this spring and started hitting hard and developed the golpher elbow again.

I switched to trying my wife's PK 5G because of the pain and it works much better. I can play 3 hours a day with the 5G for 3 days in a row hitting hard and end up with a lot of sore muscles but pretty decent elbow. If I try the i.prestige for half an hour I am in severe pain for more than a week later. Almost thought I would need to give up tennis for the summer or maybe longer.

Maybe its the way I play because I was getting pretty comfortable with the prestige after using for a 1 1/2 years and was starting to hit very hard with quite a bit of spin. I could put a lot of energy into wacking the serve which put stress on elbow. Also I know I was starting to pick up the ball a bit behind me and really wip the forehand with a lot of spin. It just seems that is the way the prestige hit best for me. With the PK I am pretty much wacking it hard and fairly flat on forehand.

Maybe it is good to change rackets now and then to not wear on the arm the same way each time. Though I hit with Dunlop Abzorber 98 for a few weeks and it seemed to do OK but I am not convinced it rules out the elbow pain as much as the PK. I tried the OS Abzorber 108 and it was very fun to play with. It gave me a lot more power, I played great, and definetly had an easier time returning hard serves, but my elbow definetly hurts with it, due I think to the twisting from off center shot, and maybe due to the length. I know I cannot use the 108.

Comparing the PK 5 and Abzorber 98, the PK has much more feel and I am comfortable hitting hard forehands, though I definetly have a harder time on the backhand. With the 98 I have to be carefull on my forehand but my 2h backhand is a strong offensive weapon with a lot of pop. I imagine the difference here is the 98 is probably more powerful and lighter so the backhand can sting across the net, while with the PK I need more effort to have a hard BH and maybe with the extra weight I am not as quick on timing as well.

Another consideration is the i.prestige, and Absorber 98 are 4 3/8. The PK 5G and Abzorber 108 are 4 1/8 with an overgrip.

08-25-2005, 06:57 PM
I have pretty bad GE and hit with an old PK 5g today without pain. So i have 3 PK demos coming in next week. I'm cautiously optimistic PK will solve my problem.

08-26-2005, 10:43 AM
I hit with the PK 5G last night for 2 hours and unfortunately have the pain today. Llast night I went to the club drill and they use all these soft old dead balls. I usually use Pro Lite pressurless balls. I bought two 90 ball buckets a couple of years ago and these work great. I can't believe all the people that use old dead balls. These Pro Lite balls bounce like they just came out of the can. I bought from t*e*n*n*i*s*1*0*1dotcom. I've tried other pressurless such as gamma but those are absolute c*r*a*p.

I bought the balls for my ball machine. But I find, just in general it is so nice to be able to take more balls for warm up, etc. and not need to constantly go fetch them like you would need to with 3 balls.

The other thing I didn't do last night was ice down my arm. I usually take an ice cube, hold it with a cloth, and massage the area. So that may have something to do with it. But I can tell you I felt the pain while hitting the dead balls.