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08-27-2005, 05:16 AM
Just thought Id post this for anyone whose been interested in the POG Long but was worried about how it goes up at net. One of the guys at our tennis club has bought one and been hitting with it recently so I had a chance to try it today.

Definately not an easy racquet to volley with UNLESS you have very good hands and excellent touch. The racquet is more than capable but doesnt suit someone like myself who prefers to volley more with power than touch or a combination of touch and power. But it can definately be a real weapon at the net for some players and not necessarily those who have a higher rated game. Basically, if you've got good touch/soft hands on the volley then you could do pretty well.

Im hoping my fellow club member AndrewD chimes in because he had a good hit with it as well. I dont think he'll mind me saying that he's a lower rated player than myself BUT where I couldnt get into the racquet he made it look like he was swinging a standard length one. Being on the opposite side of the net to him I cant say I noticed him have any trouble hitting crisp volleys, picking off half-volleys or handling the many shots drilled right at him. His net game is his strong point so that obviously helps but I think he also got a boost in two areas. Firstly, it increased the pace and spin on his serve. Secondly, he's not as mobile as he used to be due to various injuries so he doesnt close on the net as quickly as he used to. The extra length of the racquet allowed him to compensate for that and prop for the volley further back but still hit it out in front. In effect, he's lost a step but the racquet has given it back to him.

Thats about it. Just thought it might interest anyone who was looking at the POG Long but worried about its volleying potential. Im not a huge advocate of extended length racquets but this looks to be a pretty good one. I think it could do with a bit more weight in the head and I think that 27.5 is a more managable length but apart from that its better than any Ive hit with before.


08-27-2005, 03:32 PM

Yes, I found it comparatively easy to volley with the longbody although I don't know if Id call it a real weapon at the net. I think it promotes a different type of attacking game to a standard length racquet and can see how it would be quite useful on slower surfaces like clay. The biggest problem I had was in hitting slice approach shots as the frame didnt feel like it had enough weight in the head to really get good penetration on the shots. It worked best when hitting a drive approach or topspin approach shot although Im sure some lead tape would work well. Olivier Rochus seems to do very well playing a traditional style of doubles with his extended length racquet - not sure how long it is- so it's more than capable.

I think the key to volleying with it is to use a lot of touch. You can get some lovely angles due to the extra length so if you adjust your mindset a bit and look to finesse the volley rather than hit with power then you'll do well. Shots hit right at me were tricky but they're never easy with any racquet so I wouldnt critise the longbody for not being ultra mobile. You can choke up a bit if you like and would probably just take a bit of practise to get used to.

Yes, it definately helped my current lack of mobility but Im still not 100% sure that it wouldnt be just as well served by the Diablo mp which I used for a time. That racquet is 27.25 inches long and sliding your hand down the handle so the butt cap sits in the middle of your palm probably gives you the same 28 inch reach but with a lower swingweight. The only problem being that the Diablo mp feels a touch soft on the volley

09-04-2005, 05:28 PM
Thanks for the input re: the POG LB.

Hey Andrew: What frame are you playing with these days? I recall at one point we were both looking for something in between the POG LB and the Diablo MP...

09-04-2005, 06:36 PM
i agree with greg. my coach has POG longbody and i had a chance to play with it extensively. it's a very nice stick on groundstrokes and serves but volleying is a pain with this racket. it's so hard to get the racket on the ball because of the extra inch. but volley was good when i had enough time to prepare

09-04-2005, 07:51 PM
^ you don't happen to train at memorial park do you?

from the few times i got to go out onto the courts with my pog lb, the extra reach definitely made racquet preparation a top priority when it came to volleying. i hit some okay volleys but after a while my arm started to hurt because of the length and flex of the racquet. i think what may happen is that i would actually need to add weight to the 3/9 positions to the head to help with stability.

09-05-2005, 02:24 AM
Thanks for the input re: the POG LB.

Hey Andrew: What frame are you playing with these days? I recall at one point we were both looking for something in between the POG LB and the Diablo MP...

Z Man,
Well, I just took delivery today of a POG mp/mid (whatever you want to call it lol). I figured, as Im not playing any serious comp these days Id give it a try. Very, very impressed in terms of weight and swingweight. Either 12 ounces or just a hair under (my scales aren't digital so cant say for sure what the exact weight is) and a lowish swingweight so it feels very nice in the hand. Obviously not a power frame but one that lets me swing fast forehand and backhand but still keep control. Definately, for me, a far more impressive feel in hand than the POG OS or the Diablo mid and a significantly lower swingweight than the Diablo mid.

Early days yet so the jury is still out but if it plays anything close to the way it feels then I'll be happy. If I go back to serious comp then I might want a bit more of a boost but otherwise, it should do fine.

Have you found anything that fits between the POG longbody and the Diablo MP? I tried out the NXG MP but didn't really like the feel.

09-05-2005, 02:32 AM
I should say that the POG mid definately feels like a more well-rounded frame than the Longbody, at least to me. Very easy to move, good control and spin, low power but good as I like to string low and surprisingly comfortable. Seems to play well up at net and at the back of the court with its only real weakness a lack of power on serve. Not a great problem for me as I usually only serve at 3/4 pace (only play doubles these days) so slice and topspin are the key serves for me and the POG mid delivers them quite nicely. Volleys differently to the Diablo mp but not worse. So, its just a case of getting used to it and how it performs.

I think the Longbody would definately be better suited to a player with a two-handed backhand or one who plays on slower surfaces. On a fast court it's good for touch shots but just isn't mobile enough. Definately more juice on the serve but I have a feeling it won't be as friendly to your arm as the standard length frames.