View Full Version : Giving up the LM Prestige Mid, should I try the MP

08-27-2005, 11:00 AM
After testing out the LM Prestige Mid for months, I finally give that up since I simply cannot play my best tennis with a mid. It's too heavy and maybe I'm not fit and can't swing fast enough

Previously I play well with a PT 280, and now I play much better when I switch back to the Ti-Classic from the LM Prestige Mid.

so i wonder if I should try out the LM Prestige MP since it's quite similiar to a Ti-Classic and PT 280 (I think)

Would anyone who play with these three racquet compare for me?


08-27-2005, 04:55 PM
They are similar but different! I played initially with the MP. Liked it. It's pretty light and whippy, certainly a lot easier to play multiple sets with and I found good topspin as it's easy to generate racquet head speed. But, I really like a heavier racquet so I added quite a bit of lead tape all over. Plays well, but I wanted to try the mid. Just traded one of my MP's for a mid and I personally prefer the mid. For me it's just so much more solid and I don't feel the need to add lead to it. However, it does start to feel heavy after a couple of sets (which is all I usually play in one outing). They both have very good feel, but I serve much better with the mid. The mid cuts through the air faster for me despite it's heavier weight. Sorry to be so up on the mid...probably not what you want to hear. Here's something I'll share with you: I strung this mid with Klip Legend 16 natural gut uncoated at 57# and I find this is an excellent racquet-string combination. Might want to consider that string before you give up on the mid. Just a thought.

08-27-2005, 04:59 PM
Sorry, didn't exactly address your question. I've played with the TiClassic also and the LM Prestige MP is a much better racquet IMO. More flexible and better control. Thinner beam I think. TiClassic just wasn't that great of a racquet IMO. Never played with the 280. Good luck with your selection!