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drop shot
05-11-2004, 07:20 PM
A while back one of the posters bought a Mutual Power stringing machine. Just wondering.. How's it working for ya?

05-11-2004, 07:57 PM
Since my last post I used the Alpine 2000 five times. I experimented with some hybrids--gut and kevlar--and ended up going back to regular synthetics. So far so good. Some imperfections noted:
(1) when I was stringing my friend's oversized racquet, the padding on one of the hold down clamp was slipping a bit. The adhesive still felt OK so I just peeled it off and stuck it back on the hold down clamp. This never happened when I string my 95" racquets.
(2) Occasionally when I crank the tensioner it would feel like the brake would somewhat rub against the drum. I feel a slight friction, but it's something that just happens once in a while. I wonder if this is a problem or if it's just inherent in crank machines.
(3) while calibrating it the tension reading on the calibrator immediately goes down since it's not constant pull. I have to read the calibrator in the instant it locks.
Since I string my own racquets now, I am switching to 18g string. I do get some more spin. The big difference I noticed was that when I was using 17g it felt dead after the second match. I've used an 18g for five matches already, almost breaking, and the strings still feel good and resilient.
By the way, I checked out the MP website a couple of weeks ago and the Alpine 2000 was out of stock.

drop shot
05-11-2004, 09:04 PM
Actually, I experience some of the same things on my Gamma 5003 like the having to read the calibrator immediately after the pull. As for the sensation that the brake is rubbing against the drum, Mine did that as well. It seemed as if there was a "binding" when pulling tension. I used some silicone based lubricant spray (per Gaines Hillix) and lightly sprayed the track that the tensioner runs on and it now works like magic. Maybe this will help you also. Just make sure not to get any on the drum when spraying the track. Also make sure that you use silicone based lubricant because it works much much much better! Ace Hardware sells a can of spray for about $3.00. Good luck.. keep us posted, thats what we are here for!