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05-15-2004, 07:59 AM
Yeah I got the Blu Dc last night and strung up a racket... it looked wrong so I chopped it off... what a waste of strings... then I re did it... wow... misweaves... but by 1 A.M. I got it right and its perfect now... I dont know how to string ATW yet, I used 2 string... and the manual... I think it worked out great except 1 thing... pre-stretching... I dont know how I just pull... my house is not big enough for me to have a long string going across it... any tips? Does the machine need calibration on the first job? Its weird... tension doesnt seems right... and calibrators.. do they just test? How do I fix it if its off? Thank you.

Did this with my prior knowlledge a manual and common sense... :lol:

05-15-2004, 08:23 AM
I don't bother with pre-stretching, except when stringing natural gut and sometimes Poly. It is certainly not neccessary with any string, and it'd be a waste of time with a nylon type string.

Using 2 string is fine, I used it for about the first 6 months of stringing, and I still do it for my racquets, I think it holds the tension better, it works better especially when you snap a string. I do 1 piece for customers due to cosmetic reasons.

The machine might require calibration, if you believe so, you can get one from any of the internet sites. (I got a Gamma one from atssports for ~$30?) The calibrators just test, and even they have been known to be wrong before. The manual should tell you how to fix it if its off (and if not, I've heard good things about Alpha techincal support, I'm sure they would have no problem walking you through it.)

David Pavlich
05-15-2004, 09:10 AM
Ain't it cool? (One of my favorite movie lines...John Travolta in "Broken Arrow").

I prestretch virtually everything...especially when the string is out of a pack. If, for no other reason, than to eliminate as much coil memory as possible, expecially poly.

If you're doing 2 piece (which is fine) then cut your lengths and prestretch the individual pieces. Tie it off to a door knob and grab the end with a starting clamp or wrap the end around a wooden dowel and pull. Turn your head away in case the other end lets loose. When I have one of those overflow days and I take some frames home, I hook it to the door knob in the kitchen and stretch the string out the front door...works for me.

Back to the stretching thing...what I've done is took a small piece of 2X2 about 6" long and drilled a hole through the center. I put the string through the hole and grab it with a starting clamp. It's easy on the hand and does a great job.

Congratulations! I know you've been anticipating this moment since you ordered your machine.


05-15-2004, 04:04 PM
Right... needed to be calibrated... it was -10lbs off... all good now... :) except I got a racquet here strung with 50 lbs... I dont think I should cut it off and waste it... I cut 1 off for no reason already :)

David Pavlich
05-15-2004, 04:34 PM
You ought to get yourself a reel of the cheapest nylon you can find. I KNOW that you are itching to string a bunch to practice. Get some really cheap nylon and you can fool around with different patterns and work on your weaving techniques...afterall, weaving the crosses is the slowest part of stringing.

It will get to a point where it's a feel thing. You'll be able to tell when you make a misweave. Something just doesn't feel right.

Prior to my MRT test, I borrowed a friend's Neos (it's the machine on which I took the test). I had never used one, so I thought a few trial runs wouldn't hurt. I have an old reel of Klip nylon from way back when. I almost pitched it at one time. I'm glad that I didn't as I used it for practicing on the Neos.