View Full Version : Update on my game

09-20-2005, 07:56 AM
Since the last time I visited these boards, I have changed up my game to some extent.

I finally made the decision to go to a full western forehand from SW, and I don't regret much. It seems to really suit me well, and I can generate pace, spin, and placement on my groundies better than ever.

On the serve, the medium between the pinpoint and platform stance also seems the most applicable to me. It combines the pros of each stance while lessening the cons.

I also found at the net and elsewhere, the best thing you can do is be alert and let things come naturally.

Those are my revelations and I hope it gives people on the boards some insight :)

09-24-2005, 06:40 AM
Update: The most suitable serving stance that I have found now is the pinpoint stance, contradicting my above post. I just found it to give me the most variety and comfort, more so then the other stances.

The full-western fh grip is also proving to be worthwhile. I find myself much more comfortable and in control of my strokes. When switching to different grips for going to the net and such, it takes more hassle than when I used the semi-western, but so far it seems like a good trade-off.