View Full Version : How to add more power to twist serve

09-29-2005, 12:00 PM
Now I have my twist serve match ready (don't have to practice for an hour everytime to re-learn it everytime). I wonder is there a way to make it more powerful (speedy).

I am tossing more into the court already, I have use better weight transfer (back leg to front leg), I use square stance. It goes like flat serve (until it bounces of course). I have tried to hit it with 100% strength, and it is a lot faster (flat serve fast), but I cannot sustain that for a set let alone a match.

Is is impossible?

My friend just commented on my serve the other day, he said he saw a slice serve coming, so he was going to his FH, then the ball bounce and go to his body. Nice feeling to have a twist serve :) .

09-30-2005, 12:28 PM
A couple things, first of all: the twist serve will naturally be lacking in power due to the added spin and the somewhat awkward use of muscles. Also, a twist serve is used more as a change-up that you throw in from time to time, not even every game, really. You shouldn't be relying on a twist serve as to be using it more than about 10-12 times/match. I played someone one time who had nothing but a twist serve (not sure whether or not it was intentional), and it lost all effectiveness because I knew exactly what was coming and how to handle it. I cannot see your serves, twist or otherwise, so I am not sure about adding power from what you have. It may very well be impossible to add power at this point, except for simply getting stronger. Perhaps if you lag your hitting arm a little more it will create a larger gap between where you start your forward swing and contact, which gives the racket head more time and distance in which to accelerate, meaning more spin and pace.

10-01-2005, 09:28 PM
TennsDog, I am afraid you might be right. Today I went to practice my serve a bit, hit my serve harder, muscle it, longer follow thru, and your suggestion, longer swing distance (hitting arm further back before forward swing, more close stance, make sure open my shoulder more when hitting the ball...), I even use complete different rackets, TiRad OS, PS 85 6.0. It does not increase my serve speed much.

But, I am not give up, I think if I can just adjust my swing with a little more forward thrust, and a little bit less spins, It is possible, very delicate balance...